While you are in the area, check out Shane and Ashley Hesterman in
Brooklyn, MS. Deep South Kikos is located about about 60 miles from  
Gulf South Kikos. Shane and Ashley have an agressive performance
based program and are raising some exceptional goats. On top of that
they are real nice folks too.
AKGA Website
Goat Rancher Magazine
I bought my first Kiko Buck, Samurai Jack, from Terry Hankins at Egypt
Creek Ranch. Terry was one of the first and best proponents of the Kiko
Goat. When I first started raising goats, there was very little information
to be found. The
GoatRancher Magazine is invaluable to anyone
interested in the goat world. Terry has always been good to me and
helped me out when needed. Check out his three websites listed below.
Egypt Creek Ranch
Kiko Goat Info