ECR Samurai Jack was my introduction to the KIKO world. Jack was
purchased from Terry Hankins of Egypt Creek Ranch as a yearling
buck in June of 2003. His sire was Southwest Cisco a Goatex
Terminator/Goatex Gemstone son and his Dam was Sunkist 113, a
Moneymaker/Seventrees Sandalwood daughter.  At the time I was
raising 100% and high percentage Boers and Boer crosses. In this
part of the world it was impossible to keep the Boers healthy. I
worked on feet almost every day and had to de-worm at least
monthly, unless I wanted to bury goats.  Jack completely changed the
dynamics of my herd. He needed very little hoof care and little to no
de-worming. The change in the herd was not immediate, however at
the first kidding the difference was dramatic. Although the Boer Does
still acted like they did not know what to do with a baby, the kids did
not give them any choice. As soon as the kids were weaned, I sold
the mothers and started working with the 50% offspring. The rest, as
they say, is history.
Jack is one of a very few Southwest Cisco Bucks left. He is long, tall,
deep chested, generally throws some color, and tough as a hickory
stump. His progeny have always performed well, be it Buck or Doe.
Jack has an excellent temperament , he is gentle and easy to handle.
Jack consistently produces off spring that are better than the
             "JACK makes them Better."
Click on the above document to
view Jack's pedigree.
That is my lovely wife and goat helper Jane in the background,
admiring Jack's form.
All good things eventually come to an
end. Jack died 10/2/10. He was an
exceptional buck and will be sorely
missed. We are expecting his last crop
of kids before year end. We are
keeping a Jack son and have several
others that will be available for sale
early spring 2011.