Two nice Purebred Does, Recently
sold to Chuck Hicks of Pond Creek
Kikos, in Leakesville, MS.
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This is my tribute to Sunshine. Sunshine was 100% brush goat and tough as nails. My
Wife and I raised sunshine on a bottle and she became a part of the family. During one
of her first kidding's she came down with Mastitis, which damaged both udders. You
can see how bad her udder is ( by the way this is exactly the type of udder we do not
want here at GSK.) I tried to sell her a couple of times, but my Wife would not let me.
Sunshine  endured many hardships and was brought back from the brink of death on
several occasions, usually at kidding time. She had broke horns, her pasterns had fell
and one of the udders rotted off. I finally retired her in 2008, separated her from the
Buck and put her in the doeling pen to teach the young girls some manners. However,
she crawled under a fence between two strands of barbed wire to get to the Buck. This
picture was taken about a month before her last kidding. She died 8 days after giving
birth to two healthy kids on 2/21/09. I did not keep good records back then , but last
count was about 25 kids in a 10 year period. Sunshine has been greatly missed. She
was a good goat and a good friend.
Young Doeling, Hi-Roller X GFI
Rolling Meadows 131
Jack lounging
Young Bucklings, The brown buck in
the middle is BBM Nick's X233, We
picked this buck and his twin brother
up at the tail end of BBM Kikos herd
dispersal. He may be one our future
herdsires. His brother went to Pond
Creek Kikos with the 2 does above.
Young Doelings
Baby Jane, with buck kids, Sunshine in
HKF Annie and kids
BBM X203 "BUGSY" We are evaluating this young buck as a future herd sire. We
purchased him from Bill and Brenda Moore during their dispersal sale.He is out of
BBM NICK'S T801 X BBM SPORTS KAT V912. He is a little over a year old in this
picture. The white bucks are commercial grade bucks.