We were very pleased with the way these two
projects turned out. What I liked the most about
these projects is, that they were both fabricated
from recycled material. Some of the material
was salvaged from damaged incurred during
Hurricane Katrina and some was leftover
material from different fabrication jobs.
This is a portable building located in the buck pen, that also serves as the catch pen
for the Bucks. The fact that it is portable allows it to be moved to prevent the build up of
manure and the general mess associated with animals congregating in the same
place. It is also a neat way to concentrate the manure around the Pecan trees. Click on
each thumbnail fr a larger picture
This is a portable round bale feeder. I had this idea for a while, and it works OK.
However it does have some design flaws that need to be looked at. We are
incorporating the learnings into the next one that will be built. One of the problems is
that the smaller animals get their horns hung in the panels. I removed several of the
horizontal wires and this seemed to solve that problem. Another problem is that the
goats do not like to feed from the side. They would only feed from the end. Removing
the horizontal's seemed to help with this problem as well