A lot of focus is put on the Buck, as well it should be,
since the Buck contributes to 50% of the offspring's
genetics, however without good mothers with deep
bodies to grow kids and good udders to give plenty of
milk, any offspring will tend to be lackluster. We look for
Does with plenty of room to grow kids, deep bodies and
wide hips. We like udders that are tight to the body with
small teats that angle forward. Although we expect
natural wear and tear on a does udders, an udder that
is long, and cylindrical would be considered a fault.
Good tight udders with small teats is what we look for in
replacement does and what we breed for. Check out a
few of the ladies below. Click on either the pedigree or
picture for a larger view.
HKF ANNIE is a NZ daughter of Klondike/Confederate T12 and Waysu
Harriet out of the herd of Hancock Kiko Farm. This a good example of the
deep bodied does we like. She is a hard forager and will be out working for
her keep while the others are laying in the shade.
HKF BELLE is a twin sister to the doe above, she too is an aggressive
JFK ARISTOCRAT'S ANGELINA is a NZ daughter of JFK Jack and
Tasman Goliath's Angel. This doe was purchased at the 09 AKGA
Showcase Sale. She is a another fine example of a long, deep chested,
deep bodied doe. We are expecting big things from her and a cross with
ECR Samurai Jack